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Flat Foot

Flat Foot

Flatfeet can be broadly classified into flexible and rigid in nature. The type of flatfoot is determined through clinical testing. Most flatfeet are flexible and can be treated well with orthoses and specific exercises. Dr. Baarini works closely with Podiatrists and will refer you to one of his colleagues near your area to have orthoses fabricated.

In a minority of cases, conservative care does not alleviate the symptoms that can be associated with flatfeet. When this is the case Dr. Baarini will order the appropriate x-rays to evaluate the severity of deformity.

There are a number of surgical procedures available to correct and restore the alignment of the flatfoot, including minimally invasive procedures such as the hyprocure extra-articular subtalar joint implants and a multitude of other ‘traditional open’ tendon and bone re-alignment procedures.  Omar will discuss in depth with you which procedure(s) would be suitable for you, so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

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